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This is a multi part question.

1. What normally fails on a CFL bulb?

2. If I scrap a good used transformer from a CFL will it work to build a direct box?

I know it is pretty easy to buy a Jensen Trans or other brand new trans for a DI box but how many dead CFL bulbs do you see waiting to be reused or recycled? I would really like to reuse the tranny if possible.
My understanding is that heat is causing a great number of the premature deaths in CFL bulbs.
see images.


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orksecurity (author)2011-03-12

Personally, I haven't yet seen a CFL bulb _fail_. I've seen phosphors wear out to the point where it wasn't as bright as it should be.

As far as the transformer goes: TRANSFORMERS ARE NOT ALL INTERCHANGABLE. The number of turns on the two coils affect how current and voltage are traded off. Efficiency varies. Since inductors are a nonlinear component, how well they pass which frequencies through varies.

I *think* a DI box uses a 1:1 transformer, which these definitely will not be.

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frollard (author)orksecurity2011-03-12

Generally in a cfl the electronics die years before the phosphor wears out. What exact part I can't say, but probably some diode, transistor, or cap that wasn't rated for the eventual needs of the bulb...

Good info!

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