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CLOCKS!!! how to make a.... very powerful clock? Answered

Hey, I'm new on here but realllyyy need some help in this as I have a limited technological background. Basically I have a project in which have two digital displays, each one displaying either the time, in minutes or the hour (two digits per display). Now what I want to do with these is effectively attach these on to the hands of an analogue clock, so that when the hands spin round, the time is displayed. For example when the minutes hand is at the quarter past mark, the display will read 15 and when the hour hand is at the bottom the other display will read 06. So I have the designs ready for this clock (including counterweights and whatnot) but I just need a very powerful clock movement, or gearing system that will enable me to turn a couple of heavy clock hands, I have seen online you can but high torque movements which at the moment is my best bet, but i cant imagine it will work very well to be honest.

I would really appreciate any response or something to point in the right direction as I'm very open minded and if the issue is solved, I will be sure to put up instructions on how this clock was made. Thanks for reading.



If its balanced, you won't need much torque. You might need nicer bearings in the middle though.

A better method would be to make a "movement" with two stepper motors.


Thank you for you help, I shall take that into consideration.

Just had an idea, I have read that the second hand on a clock turns at 1 rpm, and by chance a mirror ball motor (as they can hold about 5kg) also runs at this same speed, would it be possible to use that and use a gear ratio of 1:60 for the first hand? Just a thought...


Yes, but you have the complication of sorting out gears, and accurate mechanisms. Two motors seems profligate, but might be easier....