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Ok so I've been doing research on the movie cloverfield and everyone wants to know what the monster is, so far I have seen the two biggest possibilities as Slusho the whale or Cthulhu. The whale supposedly carries these lice that are either huge and ravage the city, or get inside people and kill them, there are screen caps of people in hazmat suits which may have to do with this. JJ abrams also had a character in lost i believe wearing a slusho shirt, and also had a project called slusho and cheese. And with cthulhu they talk about the government knowing that it is coming, and there is a small video clip where you see a monster that might be cthulhu. The monster is supposedly amphibious and can swim as seen in the water on the poster. the movie comes out on 1-18-08, what do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dNWDX9Kzc4&feature=related (the video button wasn't working for me sorry)


that isnt the monster...i have seen the whole movie online, its pretty intense and the REAL monster is ok but that one up there would have been better

i know i wish it was the whale, not the bastard son of godzilla and a spidermonkey

The marketing for this movie is pretty amazing

It's true. The hype is ridiculous. I have to admit I'm curious.

I may be interested enough to rent the DVD after it is no longer on the Premium list.... :-)

its slusho, on cloverfeilds myspace page almost every person on their "top friends list" has "slusho" in their display name

The whole movie is filmed from the point of view of the main character's video camera.

Great lord Cthulu!

Never even heard of it before now. Quick google and what came to mind was "Oh no, they remade Godzilla, again."

Allegedly the Godzilla studio (don't remember name) has said they won't be making another Godzilla movie until 2013 or 2014...

No one really knows what the hell it is.... It's all speculation until the movie is released :p I vote for seamonster of some sort, as if what I think matters :P

Another Viral Marketing Site for the movie is for deep sea drilling.... The map shows the output for all of their alleged sites except for the one smack in the middle of the Atlantic which is "under development."