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CNGRATULATIONS Australia Answered

An Aussie has discovered a sonic non invasive cure for Alzheimer's Disease.
It is a physical solution that sonic waves dislodge brain plaque and cause
T-cell to remove the material in 85% of subject lab animals !!

Another Aussie who distinguished himself by proving stomach ulcers can be cured with a special course of antibiotic. 
When no one would believe him, he infected himself with a incurable ulcer case and then later cured himself to prove the assertion.

A good people, if you know some.


Oh! Got a link??

Here you go :)


That's cool.

Going to be tricky to scale up from mice to humans, but very encouraging.

Working on finding it again.

Sadly a lot of Aussi inventions in the medical sector never really make it into the AU public system.
Treatments and meds are sold overseas rather than used here on normal people.
Just check the waiting lists for urgent hospital treatment, you are lucky to get a new knee after just 6 years....

But "brain plaque" ?? I thought you only get this if you are no longer using the brain.... ;)

Same here a guy I know makes a poison scrambler but cannot sell in USA.

Ships World wide out of Nevada.

Most insect / snake poisons are extremely complex developed over eons to do terrible damage... A simple AC current at the injection site tears the poison molecules into much less dangerous even harmless proteins if applied before general dispersal !

Naturally I had to build my own. They would arrest me if they ever learned I could render a black-widow or wasp bite inoperative in 30 sec...

So why not make an Instructable out of it?
I for sure would love it as I am always being eaten alive by mozzies and living in a country at the top of the deadly scale in terms of wildlife....
Currently I use the slightly modified electronics of a plasma ball to "treat" mozzie bites.
Without it they itch for a week and go big to the size of a 20cent coin.

Story goes that a couple of chainsaw tree cutters deep in the Amazon basin when one was bitten. Situation of unknown snake and 3 days from hospital unknown antivenom is dire news.

Inspired, his buddy pulls the spark plug wire from a chainsaw puts it to the bite and cranks the chainsaw motor letting the magneto's violent pulsing spark voltage disrupt, tear apart and disperse the complex venom molecules into useless fragments...

Short story, he survived the ordeal.