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CO2 Battery Holder Answered

Can some one make an instructable on how to make a battery holder out of a couple CO2 cartridges? 



3 years ago

This is a good idea, but can your application use plastic? I would suggest using lightweight PVC or ABS tubing, which is available as plumbing pipe at hardware stores or online at plastics suppliers with various colors, sizes, opacity, and densities. Also, plastic has a variety of tailor made fittings that can easily be shaped, glued, and painted, and is easily customizable for different sizes of battery pack. The CO2 cartridges are cheap, but hard to work with and difficult to thread because the hardness and thin cartridge walls. Furthermore, the cartridges are conductive while the plastic is not. If you must use a cartridge for the holder, I recommend using a rubber stopper or slip on cap, which is much easier than making a threaded cap.


3 years ago

What would they be used for?

One battery will work, also button baterys will work too.

I need to know how to make the screw on cap on the bottom of the CO2 cartrige.

I'm having problems uploading images, hope this helps.

Ahh, I'm not sure how to cut threads in a steel pipe, but I'll do a bit of digging and see what I can find.

That seems like it would work. It looks like you've got this figured out. Let me know when you make it. :)

For steampunk devices. To hide the battery's in a steampunk form.

Oh, that's cool. What part will be showing? I assume you only need it to hold one battery?