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COD 5 Nazi Zombie Cheats/Glitchs for PC Answered

Here I will show you the cheats in Nazi-Zombies. These cheats will not work in multi-player
At the main menu go to options, then game options. Enable the console.
You can either (if you've already beaten the game) go to mission select and click zombies. Or, If you haven't then go to the main menu and type, "Devmap nazi_zombie_prototype". Now your in the Nazi zombie mission.
Cheats: ( you must type them in the console)
God mode= God
Inf ammo = sf_use_ignoreammo 1
all the guns ever (and some not in the game)= giveall
spectate mod= ufo
any # gravity= g_gravity #
Insane speed= g_speed 900 (or any number)
And much, much more...
I hope this video will help!


hey guys i was just wondering do u guys know how to get the zombie mode der riese is there a code for it or could u even give me a link to download it

all my friends say CODWAW is th terrible, well ...is it???!!!

Multiplayer is terrible.
Singleplayer is OK
Nazi zombies is da BEST, but only for PC, for console you MUST buy the maps, theyre like 4 for $10, and right now there are 4 official zombie maps.

CODMW2 cant support mods FYI, and doesnt have alien mode or anything, just special ops

Not really, if you like WW2 FPS. I liked COD 4 MW better.

me too. I played this game and personally COD MW 4 is better in my opinion.

I have a 360. Damn it.

you mean Call of duty World at war.