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 This video is awesome!!!! Rival Pepsi would never think of this!!!!
                     !!!!!!!!!!WATCH AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!

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I hink this is more of a human fail then a coke fail

I wish I was that guy handing out free stuff through the coke machine.

I wouldn't give it all away, keep a 2 liter for meself



8 years ago

 LOL I remember in call of duty when i got bored and started shooting the vending machine...

ya pepsi sucks yay coke

As opposed to this machine, obviously made of fail:

 HAHAHA!! that coke machine FAILED EPICALLY!! 

Lol, I've had a coke machine give me two before.

 Haha!! wait a minute.... did you watch the whole video?? did you???
you should. the machine gives out more than coke......

Yes, but I've never gotten a pizza out of it. I wish I did, though.

I KNEW IT! I KNEW the little man inside the coke machine was real! :D

It's too laggy for me. Could someone tell me happens please?

 uh.. pause the video, get a cup of water, drink it and walk back to the comp, it should be loaded by then :) please try to watch it, its amazing.

pause the video, get a cup of water, drink it and walk back to the comp, it should be loaded by then
Sounds like a pretty boring video...Kidding.

I'll try that, thanks.

It was still laggy after fully loaded, but I think all of the coke cans spill out of the machine?

Loyalty?? wtf?? whats wrong with you man? i like soft drinks they taste good.  why do you have to pick a side? i like a drink if the drink is yummy. not that hard of a concept. 

Nice bit of fun, but you do know that part of their advertising strategy was to get you to show the advert to others (me) without them having to pay you to do so?

 WELL DUH!! But it also provided you with entertainment!!

 I know right? i want a coke machine like that!!

Must have this... at school... at home...

Must give in to cola addiction.. and pizza addiction... :D

haha, I would like one of those in my house!