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Cabin photos from indie book release- Mobile shack/trailer/fort/camper made from trash Answered

As promised, here's some photos of one of the newer JUNK CABINS I'm building....

AND...  http://relaxshax.wordpress.com/2010/01/    Its part of the indie book I just released on small houses/shacks...

This cabin's nothing fancy, and stands at a mere 24 square feet, but it sleeps two (bunk-style), has a dutch style door (made from two recycled kitchen cabinet doors), and all in all is almost completely made from salvaged roadside/free materials- even most of the screws and nails. The paint (to make all the forklift pallet wood and scrap wood appear uniform) was unfortunately purchased (but after I sold some salvaged/found junk on craigslist). Also, The roof was originally made from mdf plywood/particle board from old stereo cabinets and tv armoirs (and an entire junked roll of roofing paper), but that proved too heavy for this wheeled/mobile cabin. In the endrun, I bit the bullet and bought some tuffex panels for roofing, which DOES give the interior some nice natural light- the only reason I decided to "cheat" with this route.
     When finished, the cabin will have a mini-woodstove created from an old propane gas tank I nabbed at the dump (safety/workability pending), an outdoor kitchen/prep area attached to the cabin., and perhaps a small broken solar light kit I rewired and fixed. I'll also finish the wine-bottle window (not shown).
   Anyway, thanks for looking! 
Built to fit a trailer of mine, I'm eventually planning on hauling it up to my land in VT, where it can be used as lo-fi guest cabin or sorts, for those who always forget to bring tents.


I would love to see an Instructable for this!

I don't really have any set plans for this per se. In fact, nothing I've ever built (quite a few forts/cabins/shacks/chicken coops) has ever been planned out, I just kind of think of the design as I go along, etc. Actually, my cabin in Vt was intially sketched on a restaurant napkin, so the preceding statement is not ENTIRELY true. Anyway, thanks for checkin' it out- ANY questions you have on it, I'd be glad to share info, etc.
When its finished, I'll post some more/new photos too.

ok not the whole cabin but man o man that heater now that I would love to see as an instructable!! I want soooo bad I'm building a West Virginiaized yurt/tipi/whatever (bammboo/tarts/palets/old tent parts)lol this summer and need a heater and that would be perfect not to be not to small! I love your ideas and I'm so ordering you book :-)

 Those are lovely!  I would love to build my own junk cabin (we're moving in a few months, so it'll have to wait).

Its bigtime fun! Make sure you check out any of the Michael Janzen sites on building from forklift pallets too- some great stuff. www.tinypallethouse.com.