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Cafe Press - noob question Answered

Right, I'm trying to raise a bit of pin-money with cafepress, but I'm confused, and I can't seem to find the answer to my question in the FAQ system there.

I want to sell the same items (t-shirts and hats), but with a variety of images.

Somehow, that does not seem possible. I can only sell one item with one image. I can't seem to add the same item again, but with a different image.

I know I'm probably missing something obvious, but does anybody else know enough about cafepress to help me?

(Note - to prevent accusations of spam, I will PM the shop's URL to anybody that asks for it, rather than posting it in the thread)

Humorous note - my Firefox spell-checker wants to change "cafepress" to "depressants"


. Me and my new Kiteman t-shirt.


One solitary T-shirt, but the new owner is very happy with it.

It's pathetic, really. Kitewife and I are both trying to raise a bit of holiday money, me with cafepress, her with old knitting patterns on ebay. So far she's outsold me $40 to $1.
Would you be surprised if I told you she's a Business Studies teacher?

They've disabled the function where you can use one URL to link to several shops, but if you do a search for ''kiteman'', only my stuff shows up. I seem to be the only member using that tag on my images.

. While posting the URL(s) might technically be considered SPAM, I have to believe that anyone with a Law named after them can get away with it. :)
. Certainly no worse than the "check out my contest entry" posts that "some ppl" make. ROFLMAO
. But seriously, I think you have enough cachet around here that ppl wouldn't mind you posting the link when asking for help. Might be a little different if it was a "Hey, come buy my stuff" kind of post.
. But since you've found how to fix the problem, I guess the point is moot.
. Good luck with your business venture. If you decide not to post the URL, please PM it to me. TIA

Ah, what the heck. I'm not trying to rip anybody off, and the images are certainly all my own work, so here you go:

My first venture into designer imagery. If there's anything that should / shouldn't be there, let me know.

I keep hearing stories of people making a mint from ideas that they pinched from elsewhere, so I thought, can't hurt, the most it's cost me is a couple of hours of drawing time that I enjoyed anyway, plus about 2 pennies worth of electricity. If it crashes and burns, I've lost nothing. If it succeeds...


. That Captain Pinata logo looks familiar, but I can't bring the company name to mind.

If it does match something, it's purely coincidence - I just thought the C and P together made a hero-worthy logo. Although I have few qualms about putting a dent in copyright laws for non-profit purposes, I expect things I pay for to be original, so if I want others to pay for my stuff, I'd better make sure it is also original. If you ever remember where you've seen the similar logo, please let me know.

. Well, it's not Cole-Parmer and it's not Ocean Pacific. Hmmmm. I KNOW I've seen it SOMEWHERE (or something very similar).
. I believe that Captain Pinata is your original creation (you just don't seem like the type to steal and I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea of a plagiarizing teacher), it's just that it looks REAL familiar. Of course, even if it does turn out to be exactly like somebody's logo, probably all that would happen is you would get a cease-and-desist letter from the company and have to remove those items. Since you are not carrying inventory, all you'd lose is your design time.

. No, but that's close. No telling where (or even if heehee) I saw it. Maybe I'll run across it again, someday (maybe not).

I know sometimes my memory plays tricks on me, as to when or where I saw something. :-)

That's where I selected it from - all the images are drawn from my own Instructables.

Yes I know, I just thought that might be where Nacho remembered it from :-) That is where I remembered seeing it before your latest link

It looks familiar to me as well. I cannot think of the company right off hand though... Now it is aggravating me because I can't think of who it is... If I remember, I will tell you. Also, whenever I click the item itself, it says that that the product is not found.

...not found...


I don't know why that is. I logged out and followed the link and got the same problem. Yet when I searched for me, and then clicked on the same images that came up, I got the item as expected.


I had a reply - in the time between my posting that link and you trying it, cafepress have disabled the feature that allows you to link to several "basic" shops in one url.

Since I now have several shops (you have to have one shop per image if you want to sell the same item with different images), the easiest thing to do is to search for "kiteman", as I seem to be the only cafepress user using that tag on my images.

I also seem to be the only cafepress user who hasn't sold anything yet.

. I just tried to buy a bright-green catapult tee, but, after entering all my info, it now tells me it can't find my account. :(

Nooo, my first customer, lost in the bowels of the cafepress servers!

. I'll wait a day to see if I get an e-mail from them. If my CC didn't get hit, I'll try again. ;)

After a special request, I have set up another shop that is kind of site specific.

I forgot to add the image on the front (there's a full list on the back):


It would be interesting to see how you got the shop set up and everything, just out of curiousity and partly because I have wanted to do something like that for a while...

It's not really "set up" - I just went through and ticked the boxes.

Yay! I've just discovered that I'm unique (at least on Cafepress) - I just searched for Kiteman (as you do), and only my products came up!

I've added two more images as well.

All I've got to do now is actually sell something...


Hey Kiteman, PM me a link to your shop!

Hmm... cool image...

Infused white blood cells?

wonders if anyone will catch the pun

Cool! Whats your shop url? Yours too kiteman? You guys can pm me or email me at joer14 at gmail dot com.

Thanks, Kruser

Thank you - just what I needed.