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Californians excluded from Jack Daniel's contest Answered

I noticed that residents of California are excluded from the Jack Daniels contest - bummer! Does anyone know why? Thanks :)


I heard the reason for excluding California is that anything west of the St. Andreas fault will sink in the sea at anytime! :-)

Thanks for finding that article. I can understand why CA banned alcohol-related contests - it's just unfortunate that that law should apply to this contest which doesn't appear to promote excessive drinking, just a brand image :(

If it helps, you're not alone... the rest of the world is excluded, too.

Well, hopefully this should clarify that we're not singling out other countries - the US has some weird laws we have to follow as well. Crazy, isn't it?

And Lance, you could probably find a collaborator in another state, similar to what those in currently-excluded countries do.

Ironic that having an illegitimate child with the housekeeper is okay in California, but awarding a prize from a company which sells alcoholic beverages to adults is a no-no in California.


Yeah, laws can be a pain... doesn't mean that Instructables can ignore them. That's just how it is.

The idea of getting a collaborator in another state is great.

But this isn't a sweepstakes, it's a skill-based contest isn't it? Winners aren't drawn at random.