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Call for pre-made parts! Answered

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We're rolling out some new parts for the Kits in 123D Design.  That means you'll soon have some real-world models at your disposal in the Design app, and I wanted to see if there were some specific requests out there for parts that you might use on the regular.

I've put in for some tools and hardware - like metric and SAE wrenches and hex bolts - but is there anything that you'd like to see as a part or a template?  

M4 screws for an Arduino enclosure?
4" 2-way gate hinges?
Light bulbs?
Threaded rod?
Phone cases?

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wilgubeast (author)2013-04-30

Threaded pipe fittings (tee joints, elbows, etc.)

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Jayefuu (author)2013-04-24

Templates for:
- vesa mount hole layouts
- fixing hole spacings for popular and standard electronics like ATX, miniITX, microITX, nanoITX motherboards as well as common hobby electronics like rapsberry pi, arduino etc so that people find it easier to add in mounting holes on stuff they design?

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MidnightMaker (author)2013-04-23

Some aluminum T-Slot extrusions like 80/20 or MakerBeam or OpenBeam would be nice.

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andrewt (author)MidnightMaker2013-04-23

Nice one. Added it to the list.

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