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Call to makers - Brighton Mini Maker Faire Answered

Hi All,

Thought this might be of interest to those of you in the UK... particularly those in the south east.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire is approaching and the call for makers has gone out:

If you're a maker and you're interested in doing your thing at Brighton Mini Maker Faire, you've got until June 20th to apply.

Of course you don't have to be a maker to go... The event its self will be on September 8th @ the Corn Exchange in Brighton if you fancy popping along. Save the date!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Get in touch via:
Email – info@makerfairebrighton.com
Twitter – @MakerFaireBTN


Just giving this a little bump because today is the 20th! It's crunch time. If you're thinking about applying, you need to do it today!

jaffawarrior: Did you find anyone to team up with?

probably goin is anyone else doin a knex project i dnt wanna b all by myself

I'll come along if for some reason I'm down south that weekend! It's unlikely, but my parents live near there so it might be a good excuse to go visit them :p

As if you need an excuse...

It'll be a good 'un. You'll be gutted if you miss it. I know I would!

Oh, can't make it myself (that's the first weekend of the new school term), but I know these events are great fun - if you've got something cool to show off, give it a go!