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Calling all American Makers Answered

American Maker is an event sponsored by Make and Craft to showcase the work of people just likke you! It is scheduled to take place at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on September 20th, 2008. The deadline to sign up is September 13th, so it is still not too late to sign up to present (but time is running out). Each Maker that signs up will get a chance to present in front of an audience and panel of judges. The Maker choosen at the end of the day to be best will win $500. Even if you have nothing currently to present, you should go an watch, because this sounds like it will be great fun.

(full flier details below)


I could catch a train from Philadelphia. I might actually consider this.

Hey cool Chicago. Its a $40 train ticket there or a 2 to 3 hour drive.

closer than san francisco buy still far away!

I have driven there....once....it takes about 12 hours if you don't run into any bad traffic....*sigh* but that was over 28 years ago....I can't do that anymore.

i'm not even old enough to drive =(.

Ha ha! sorry I had to laugh. My age will never come to you. I new an old man who acted just like a teenager.

And I am old enough not to want to drive that far ever again LOL

I wish there was something like Europian makers! :)

WOW, I didn't know this existed!!! To bad it is in amsterdam, but maybe one day I will go! Thanks!


9 years ago

I live close to Chicago! Yay!

Oh come on! 1,000 miles closer and still so far away!!! At least its on the same side of the world this time....Perhaps I can absorb some of the coolness from the winds....


9 years ago

I so don't live there...