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Camera? Answered

Would be nice to attach a mini-vidcam to the rock pointing downwards?

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-07-04

Yes! Make sure the camera is very light weight, and robust enough to take a beating (both from launch and landing). Also, make sure to take into consideration the additional mass to the rocket, the placement will definitely influence how the rocket performs.

It would be wise to use an inexpensive camera, since there's a few scenarios where the camera could be lost!

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RaymondR6 (author)2018-01-30

Yes you can. Estes offered the "Cameroc" in the 1970s that took one monochrome picture at the point where the nose cone was ejected. The heavier weight at the nose required larger tail fins for stability. Later Estes offer a "Cineroc" 8 mm movie camera, but I never saw any of those films. Modern spy cameras are smaller, and use a micro SD card to store pictures and videos, so it is just as possible.You can set it up to start recording before launching. Remember that the camera increases nose weight and area so either add fin area or add a small weight to maintain stability. Finally, don't try to fly it too high or the parachute recovery may be a problem and you can lose the camera. Use a drogue instead of a full parachute for recovery so it can fall faster and closer to the launch pad.

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