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Camera Taser help!!! Answered

I'm making a taser out of a camera and was wondering when adding more capacitors do they all the to be exactly the same?? same voltage? im going to wire them in parallel..

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Shagglepuff (author)2011-05-20

You will get the same voltage, but the storage will be increased (this translates into a longer shock). And as long as none of the capacitors have a voltage rating less than the charging voltage, they can have different values.
This is not a good idea, though- just one can cause a lot of pain, and 2+ has the potential to cause a serious injury.
I would just take off the capacitor and use the charger itself as the taser- it's mostly harmless, but still hurts like hell.

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The MadScientist (author)2011-05-20

Have you been electrocuted by one of these before?
I have, I was lying an the floor for about 2 minutes in pain after the electricity went up my arm and into my chest.

I would highly advise that you DON'T parallel any more capacitors on it, they can probably already kill small people and even large people if you did it right, adding more capacitors would almost guarantee death.

I would recommend removing the main capacitor resulting in a harmless buzz.

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frollard (author)2011-05-19

parallel adds more total power, more oomph - voltage unchanged.

...and is generally a bad idea to make any shocker out of a camera. You're dealing with potentially lethal voltages and enough stored energy to stop your heart if it manages to short across your chest.

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frollard (author)frollard2011-05-19

to add to the above;
if you add more storage in parallel, then it will take longer for a single charging circuit to charge the capacitors.

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