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Campervan roof mounted external hot water heater Answered

I am looking for a cheap way to heat water on top of a vehicle - vw campervan - to rig up a shower etc


get a black PVC bag made up the size you want with a hose fitting in one corner! Just fill the bag with water and leave it on the top of yr van and the UV will heat the water. Use the same hose to attach yr shower rose onto and you have a solar shower.....They do sell them ready made now too!

I thought about this a while back, basically ended up figuring out the amount of water needed for 2 quick showers and dividing that by the volume of water 1cm of pipe holds. Get that much black alkathene pipe (10-15ml diameter is probably best), a 12v water pump and a big sheet of perspex. Lay the pipe over the roof (there will be lots of it), connect an inline tap one end of the pipe and an inline tap and a shower head to the other end. Cover with perspex and seal to roof somehow (I think perspex can be molded using a heatgun). Open both taps, pump water until it run out the other end. Close taps, travel for the day or whatever. When you're ready for a shower, hook up the pump again and pump fresh water in, so the hot water comes out the other side. There's an issue to resolve with temperature control so you don't get scorched. I think if you don't really want to put a bit of money into it, you would be better off getting solar showers from a hardware store and making a frame to hold them fairly flat in your van window. I guess you could make a thing to hold them on your roof if you want to. If any of that didn't make sense, let me know and I'll draw some pictures.

solar! Loop lots of lightweight hose on the roof, make sure its held down well. Be sure your campervan can support the weight of x amount of water on the roof.