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Can Anyone Convert This Image to Eagle Schematic And Board? Answered

Can Anyone Make Me A Eagle Schematic And Board?
Please Try To Create.......(I'm new to Eagle)
Thanks A lot............



5 years ago

Sparkfun has a great Eagle tutorial-

You should have no problems making a board from that schematic following their tutorial. Give it a try- you'll be happy you did!

Wouldn't you rather learn a new skill yourself?

I Want To use Eagle to make PCB But i cant understand how to eagle

You aren't trying to create anything, if someone gives you the board.

You con't have to do the circuit in Eagle, you can always just follow the circuit you've given, and begin the design by putting down all the components you need, in a sensible looking order. Then you add tracks.

The 4017 is drawn without pin numbers, so you'll have to work out where they all go.