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Can Anyone tell me ATMEGA8 code for dtmf decoder in embedded c?? Answered


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mh76dk (author)2012-02-23

You could use a DTMF chip like in this http://www.timnolan.com/index.php?page=phone-call-logging-project

But other than that I can only suggest that you search the web, the above was the 2nd hit on google (your post being the first) when i tried.

But really, why post a question and sit back and wait for an answer when there are tons of information (and even chip-specific hobby sites/forums) out there just waiting to be found in a searchengine? You waste much less of your own time (not to mention others')

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ram_aloktripathi (author)mh76dk2012-02-24

Thanks mh76dk!! I will search it out..

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