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Can I Repair These Video Cameras! Answered

I've got a Magnavox Video Escort and a JVC Compact VHS. Both cameras are dumpster finds. Neither work and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest tests/repairs or whatnot to get them to work. I realize these cameras were tossed because they don't work but sometimes things get thrown away because the owners don't want to take the time to find out WHY they don't work. The Escort is utterly inert. I haven't got a way to recharge the battery, assuming that it would if I did and an adaptor I know works has no effect on this camera. The JVC works but the view finder remains black.


you can charge them batteries as long as they are not lithium ion batteries

Have you established exactly what does and doesn't work with these? We're not going to be able to offer much help if we don't know what you've got. The JVC isn't giving you a picture on the vewfinder - but can you tell us if the viewfinder is active (black) or just dead? L

Hi, I have a JVC VHS-C GR-AX570E model which I can not find a manual for so I downloaded any of the JVC manuals that looked like the nearest model. I paid NZ$20 for it with 2 batterys and charger and refreshed the batteries in the charger and the camera works with both batteries but the tape does not do anything when I press Play or FF. I want to take it apart to see if....horrible boy jumping in and out of those big bins....fun isn't it...I have sold about $600 worth of stuff from bins...my last find was a working 3.5" USB2.0 harddrive device with a 20GB harddrive inside....ow...