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Can I add Instructables to a published guide? Answered

Quick question: can instructables be added to a guide after it has been published? Thank you


I published my instructable and now I can't add it to a contest.."sorry this has been published" are we not supposed to save and publish our instructables?

Some contests allow instructables made after certain date. Read the guidelines to find out if you publish yours on time.

I'm having the same problem. I can't add Instructables to my contest guide: https://www.instructables.com/id/Birds-a-little-challengecontest/

How do I do it?

Go to the project you want to add, and look down the right hand side - there should be a drop-down menu to add the project to any guides you have published.

Yep, it worked! Thank you. I don't know how I missed that.

If you created the guide, yes.

If somebody else created the guide, you'll have to ask the guide's author nicely to add it.

Without having access to the dev team until Monday, my best answer right now is "What Caitlinsdad said".

lol. I would agree, however, he expressed having the problem before I posted the link. Therefore he changed the title after the fact (and presumably still has the same problem). Scoochmaroo posted some advice (in case he just doesn't know how to add another ible), but I suspect there's something more going on...

I asked this question before publishing my first guide. Basically, I wanted to know if I could edit a guide before I set my collection of projects in stone.

To my knowledge there are no bugs or technical problems around guides... It was just a newb question I posted when I first got involved with Instructables.

Thanks for addressing this, but I think you guys are reading into this question a little too much :p

Sorry. That's my fault. I saw that Kiteman had answered your question and wanted to ask a related question without having to start a whole new topic. :-)

NO, it's other peoples' problems have been added to the mix.

I see that now. Not sure what the problem is. (I assume he's published a guide before?)