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Can I build an LED "light bulb" from the guts of a screw in CFL bulb? Answered

I am looking to take a CFL bulb and take the glass out of the top. Would the components inside the light work if I build an LED light from it? So basically I want to remove the glass and in its place use LEDs to illuminate instead. Got any suggestions or links that might be useful?



Don't use the same circuit to power leds - it is a boost converter that makes hundreds/thousands of volts...rather use the linked instrucable...and run line leds.

If you want to be able to put an LED bulb into a lamp socket, you might have a look at the INSTRUCTABLE i made--- click on this


OR there are other methods... so a search for "the led lightbulb" for another instructable that is more work but puts out more light... and it is a WINNER instructable (not made by me).    The voltage out of a CFL bulb is too high. not suited for what you are wanting to do. 

No, the inside of a CFL is geared to high voltages, and low currents. LEDs need it exactly the other way round.