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Can I buy a pdf without buying a premium account? Answered

I am trying to get a pdf to this project here:


But I have I only need the one article article, not a subscription. Is their anyway I can just buy the one or will I have to drop 50$ on a subscription?


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LindaS402 (author)2017-08-31

I wish there was an inexpensive way to get the lessons as well. I am a very curious person and when it comes in my email my first thought is "oh I should take that class" - even though I may never use it. Obviously spending $50 is a lot just to satisfy my curiosity and the DIY things I do are more like crafts which don't make it here. I think it's time for me to drop the Instructables email I get daily and stick with Hometalk. Good luck everyone with your projects. Have fun and pass it on!

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Vyger (author)2015-01-24

So, you got what you wanted and It cost you nothing, now the courtesy would be to at least click the button for best answer.

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mpilchfamily (author)2015-01-24

Make a few great instructables and earn a free membership by getting your insturctable featured.

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