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Can I buy scrap from a scrap yard? Answered

Well can I? Like engines and stuff and  motorcycles.


My plan is always give...

... before taking, bring a bucket of scrap aluminum, some aluminum cans, other goodies he would like to have, and scrap them at his place, you might have to do this a few times to establish your friendship with him then at least you have a good repore to ask for something.

Remember motorcycles have serial numbers and he will likely not be able to sell you the frame as the line of responsibility has to fall somewhere. Of course if he has the title your more likely to score as then you are both protected if you follow the guidelines in your home state!

Be nice, ask in a friendly tone, and remember to visit him after you get your parts, become a customer of his and in the future you will likely get more goodies, he might even call you as my scrapper friends do for me when they get a goodie in that I might like!

Ask a scrap yard.


That's like saying "google that".

I.e. stop asking random people on the internet and actually do something productive?


It depends what they are in business for. If the goal is to be a recycler and sell bulk scrap to be refined then they probably won't sell to the general public. Maybe if they get something really special they might pull it off the the side to resell. I they are in the junkyard business then they probably want to sell the the gen. public. Sometimes they are the only place to find the certain piece that you need to finish your project.

It's a great place to pick up a good usable engine out of a wrecked car.

You certainly can in the UK

Yes. Many yards put stuff aside if they think they can sell it. If your lucky you may get stuff for the scrap price.

I worked at a salvage yard, for five years, until a year ago. You CAN buy from them, but youll pay through the nose. A motorcycles value may be X dollars, but in parts, the value increases ten fold. And thats how they see things, value in parts.