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Can I buy zinc at a drug store? Answered

I'm doing an experiment where i need a powder form of zinc and vitamins or whatever would do i just need zinc powder and do they sell it at drugstores?


Ill be posting an instructable on how to make it very easily pretty soon. But for now do you want me to just PM you how to make it?

yes you can. u just have to ask them.

Before alkaline and lithium batteries came along, radios, torches etc used <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc-carbon_battery">zinc / carbon batteries</a>. You can still buy them. <br /> Lever off the top, take out the carbon rod, scrape out the gunge and you're left with a zinc case. Chop this up as fine as you can, grind it in a ball mill for a while and you have zinc powder.

You can find powdered zinc in test-kits, I forget which they are but they'll be soil / water kits I think. Otherwise, zinc is use in die-cast toy cars and modern wheel-balancing weights.



8 years ago

Probably not in metallic form.  The zinc sold in drug stores is a zinc compound, usually zinc sulfate.
Call some metal recyclers or chemical supply dealers.  As far as I know, there are no restrictions on the sale of metallic zinc, so just grab the phone book and contact some of the local businesses and ask about it.