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Can I change an LED string light to run on mains electricity? Answered

My daughter has a string of 20 multicoloured LED lights that are powered with three AA batteries.  She uses it as a night light and so is switched on throughout the night and it hasn't taken long to realise we're going to get through lots of batteries.

So, the question is, can it be hacked to plug in to a regular power outlet, and if so what do I need to do?

Thanks in advance for any help...





Sorted. Lights up and running perfectly.

Thanks again for your help

Yeah, a 5V supply should be OK, just one of the things you have for a mobile phone charger.

Great, thanks guys.

I thought something like that would be the way to go - I just wasn't sure about the volts and amps involved.

I did see a 4.5v charger (to match the 3x1.5v AAs), but it was only 1 amp - would that still be enough? Or have I got entirely wrong?!

And I take it an extra 1/2 volt won't destroy any LEDs?

Thanks again

One amp should be MORE than enough ! If you were running it on AA batteries, and it took an amp, it would drain them in ~2 hours, max.

The extra 0.5 should be OK, if it worries you, get a nice 1N4007 diode, and put it in series with the supply.

Get an old phone charger or something similar, with a dc output in the same voltage range as 3 aa batteries. Cut the wires and join them to your nightlight.
If you can't scrounge one, you should be able to purchase one from an electronics hobby store, or maybe online. Make sure you put the wires around the right way. + and -