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Can I combine a Wacom tablet with a samsung tablet? Answered

I have a wacom drawing pad and I was wondering if its possible to hook it up to a regular samsung galaxy tab 2 somehow.


Yes, on SOME tablets. I have an Ematic Prime XL 10" tab that has two USB ports (see picture). It works flawlessly with one of the ports and a Host Adapter cable - pen, all buttons, touch - everything. Some tab USB ports may be more capable than others (i.e. MHL compatible etc).

Why a tablet on a tablet? Because this provides a very accurate drawing tool with an app like Papyrus that lets you set pen type to "Active" :v)


Just tested a Wacom Bamboo tablet on the Samsung Galaxy Tab via an adapter. The tablet announces that a mouse has been plugged in, but I couldn't get any response from using the pen or the buttons. Perhaps the Tab 2 would have the drivers (although I doubt it). Great idea though, it would have been a neat way of remotely drawing/painting.

Only the Note's will have the interface built in. If you get really clever your MIGHT be able to mung the Note firmware (in part) onto the Tab, but you'll only be able to do that if you root the Tab.

Its a question really for the guys who REALLY know Android and Linux in depth - Try asking the XDAdeveloper forum, very very nicely.

i don't see any real benefit from hooking up a tablet to a tablet.

He isn't, he's hooking a precision drawing pad to the android device to replace using a finger on the screen


4 years ago

Plug it in and see what happens. It won't burn anything up so you can have a range of results from nothing at all to works perfectly.

Its an interesting question, because the Galaxy Notes use Wacom digitisers natively...that MIGHT mean there is a driver

Only if you can find android drivers for it. Which i doubt.