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Can I connect a car a battery to my Schwinn electric scooter to make it run faster and longer ? Answered

I have an electric scooter that i want to take further that current batteries only run about 6 miles (3mile at top speed) and i want to hook up a more powerful battery to make it run longer and faster. is there a way to use a trolling battery or a car battery to do this?



If u were to get all 4 terminals and wire the two - to one wire, then do the same with the + would that mean you'd only need one 24 volt battery to run the system. would it put out all 24v or would it ark out the whole engine and deem the this useless. please answer asap. kinda stuck up a river with no battery with this one ;)

Right to cut a long story short it is best not to use a too heavy battery as it can cause other problems such as loss of power and speed it could however increase the battery life thus making the range in miles longer by far as the voltage is the same then it will not make it faster it will maker it slower


7 years ago

this will be a costly project. car battery is not efficient for this situation just like seandogue said they are not cheap.

My Stupid Idea: Place 2 60w(small ones 60cm X 30cm) solar panels to make it run a little more longer

Unless you increase the voltage (and risk burning out the motor), it isn't going to run faster. A bigger battery may let it run longer, but you'll be spending some of that energy lugging the extra battery weight around.

(If you _do_ want it to run faster, plan on replacing the motor.)

+1 exactly what I was going to say. A bigger battery means more weight, resulting in a tradeoff. You may even exceed the capability of the motor and cause long term problems by adding an extra 35-50lbs (can't quite remember how much a battery weighs but they're not light.

Ideally, you want to look at Lithium ion batteries, although yes, they're not cheap


7 years ago

You should look for Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. Car batteries are not the best choice in your situation for safety reasons and because they don't like deep discharge.

SLA batteries are the type used in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and kids power wheel vehicles.

Of course match the voltage and look at the amp hour rating. The higher the amp hours the longer it will last.

Not all car batteries are sealed. In general scooters bikes etc are best with a gel type battery to eliminate spills.

True, but with how often it would be used I'm guessing he might not use it to the point that it needs to be refilled so it would fill the same void a true SLA would, sort of.

Like I said to tenera, car batteries are SLA, and they dont like deep cycling, but so are marine batteries, and boat batteries are typically designed for deep cycling. They're about the same size and have about the same output, but the internal cell design is different. You also should know if its a 12v system or a 24v system, if its 24, you'll need two 12v batteries in parallel, and given the amount of current they can output, you should keep the fuse in there too.


Your scooter may use 2 x 12 volt Lead acids already so needing 24 volts - a single car battery only gives 12 volts.

Yes it will go further to some degree although you will be hauling more weight of course.

No it won't go faster.