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Can I control a robot with a wireless controller with bluetooth modules? Answered

I'm working on a Hexapod right now, but I haven't found a way to control it wirelessly. I have tried working with nrf24L01 modules but just can't find a way for it to work....

Right now I have 2 HC-05 and 1 HC-06, can I do it? My plan is to control the hexapod (controlled by an Arduino) with a controller with another Arduino that has a joystick, along with 2 buttons to switch mode or rest mode. I'm still relatively new to Arduino so I have no idea how to search the way to control Arduinos using the 2 pins TXD and RXD. Also, which information can I send on these bluetooth modules (integer, boolean, etc)?

I really appreciate if someone can help me start on how to use these things

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iceng (author)iceng2017-01-22

I would pre-program 8 flight routines and select by a simple numeric command on the fly....

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Downunder35m (author)2017-01-21

Encode the required signals to a byte or word and transmit that in short ntervals of let's say every 100ms.
On the receiver side keep all signals active until at the same level until a new signal with a different level arrives - that way nothing stutters and all runs smooth.

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