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Can I convert This project below " 10x8 LED Matrix + Arduino" into " 8 X 8 LED Matrix " what will i need ? Answered


check please this project 


i liked it but the problem is my teacher doesn't  want me to work with Arduino . she said try to find like this project " Matrix LED" but by using  
parallel port + db25 cable + microprocessor  

 i want to ask you what Material will i need ? 

i have to submit the report tmw :( 

help me please :(

:) thank you 


What a dumb teacher ;-)

Ask her how you are supposed to drive the parallel port of a windows XP machine from software.

She must have an answer, because you need special drivers. She's going to have to tell you what to use

Where are you in the world ? India ?


she said we will use Linux .
by the way she is from Pakistan:) .
we are in Saudi Arabia .

Does it have to be a matrix ?

I'd use a chip like the 74HC595 to drive 8 leds each. You'd need 8 chips, and you'd drive them with THREE lines off the parallel port.

If it has to be a matrix,

You could use a chip like the MAX 7221/Max7219, which does all the work for you and needs only three lines to control it.

I have crossed swords with teachers and lecturers from India and Pakistan - their teaching systems are a long, long way behind the times.

I agree that a lower level fundamental approach can be helpful, but doing it the old way because its the old way...is an old way of thinking :)

+1 about using shift registers or driver chips...just makes life manageable.

I don't suppose you remember the 8255 ? I've seen many current courses in India STILL using this completely obsolete chip.

heard of, but never actually built anything around it. I really want to try the openMIT course to build a nand gate computer


basically, all the info is laid out there for people to consume.

I think I've mentioned it before, but the Apollo guidance computer is available as a model.

You ALSO need to know about "libieee1284" - the parallel port interface library for Linux.

The rest is just bit-banging. Use the strobe, reset and linefeed lines to drive the chips.


5 years ago

are you related somehow to https://www.instructables.com/answers/problem-with-Arduino-i-dont-want-to-use-it-/

why use a microprocessor but not arduino? Thats all it is.

+1, an Arduino is a microcontroller. Does she have a good reason that you can't use one? If she thinks it would be to easy with one then the onus is on her to come up with lessons that allow yo to use the tools at your disposal while still teaching the subject matter. Telling students they can't use a certain tool to accomplish a task is lazy teaching and mot indicative of the real world.

looooool :D . she is my friend and we all are in the same project .