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Can I convert the 2-line jack in my kitchen to 1-line? Answered

One of the 2 lines has long since been disconnected but I never got around to paying the $200 the phone company wanted to convert the phone jack in the kitchen to a 1-line jack. Are there adapters for this?



the jack should still function for 1 line operation. The jack can hold 4, 6, or 8 wires... the centermost 2 are line 1, the next outer pair are line 2...etc so the 2nd line really shouldnt matter. That said - ask at home depot or rona - they can get you the right jack and teach you how to install it - only 4 screws!

Exactly. Normal home wiring to "modular phone connectors" (the current standard, at least here in the US), or the 4-pin connector that preceded it, is four wires. In a two-line setup, two wires are used for each line. Most phones connect only to the first pair, unless they're two-line phones. (Exception: Older lighted phone, such as the "princess" models, used the second pair to power the lights; these days, LEDs draw little enough power that they can be powered from the phone line itself.) So if you plug the phone in and it works, the jack is wired correctly and you can ignore the question of whether the other line was ever connected. No converter needed. If you plug the phone in and it doesn't work, that jack may have the two pairs swapped so the phone is connected to the second line. If so, opening it up and correcting that will put the phone back on the first line. This is usually easy, since the wires and jacks are color-coded; if you hook them up so they match, that should give you the normal configuration. If that still doesn't solve the problem, it's possible the wire running to that jack was disconnected elsewhere. Maybe it was wired for the second line at the other end rather than at the jack. If so, you'd need to trace that wire back and correct the problem at the other end... or run a new wire. This is where it starts getting to be a hassle, and may be where you need some assistance. If you can explain in more detail what you're seeing, and why you think it's wrong, we can try to give you more specific advice... but for now I'd say start with "plug it in, and if it works, you're done."

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