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Can I delete some of my instructables? Answered

So when I started posting 'ibles, I was a little too excited and posted WAYYYY to many way too fast. A lot of them are quite lame, cause I posted anything and everything. I was a total contest fan, (I still am now, but not quite as bad) and whenever a contest would pop up I would quickly make an 'ible as fast as I could to put in it. None of them won, ofc, and now I want to delete some of my noobie past, but I can't! I tried to delete some of them, but since I entered them into a contest, they don't delete! Is there any possible way to delete some of my embarrassing 'ibles?


Same here. Why did I even publish so many horrible I'bles?

The main reason you can't delete instructables that participated in contests is to discourage users from winning in a contest, deleting the instructable, recreating it again in the future to win another contest. This is how we ensure integrity in our contests. If you would like to remove old entries that participated in a contest all you need to do is reach out to our support team at service@instructables.com They will delete and take note of what instructables you've removed so they can't be recreated and entered into future contests.

Troy (tomatoskins)

-Community Manager

Yes. Go to edit, then push on more, then push delete.

I quite like the idea that I'bles entered into contests can't be deleted. In a way it helps to maintain the integrity of the contest by keeping the content available. The contest archive goes back almost ten years and people may wish to look at past winners.

My suggestion would be to edit the I'bles in question and improve the standard until you are happy with them :-)

Hello! This is the instruction how to delete intructables...


I am pretty sure that is on an older version of instructables. Also, I know how to delete an instructable, but the ones I want to delete were in a contest, and you can't delete instructables that were in a contest, even if the contest is over.