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Can I disconnect my microwave's magnetron and run it without microwaving anything? Answered

I'm trying to figure out a way to make my microwave appear to be working, but without actually microwaving anything. Anyone know if there are any failsafes that won't let the microwave "run" without the magnetron? Any other suggestions about getting this to work are welcome!




6 years ago

i had a cheap microwave, with crank timer and crank power setting. the magnetron was just giving off sparks. i dissembled the casing and can see wires going to all parts. the magnetron is only connected to the capacitor (looks like an old battery) and a big transformers (heaviest chunk of metal with wires coiling inside). i reckon if you yank or cut the live and neutral wire that go into the transformer, then the microwave could still look like it's working normally, light, bell, fan, turntable turning, but it will not be energized or be cooking anything. didn't have that chance though coz i had planned to do that later, but my wife beat me to it and chuck the whole thing for the landfill.

           Be careful if you decide to unplug the magnetron, though.  In my instructable, I dissected a microwave, and just unplugging the wires to the magnetron would leave very high voltage and current wires (enough to quite literally fry you.  Think police taser vs. cricket) open and floating around inside of your microwave.  Be sure to safely discharge the capacitor in the microwave, too, if you take it apart.  There's some good information on this stuff in my instructable.

I haven't tried it but I assume that you could just disconnect or cut the wires to the magnetron but in doing so you would have to take apart the microwave and it would be hard to put it back together and have it working properly. I highly doubt that anything else is dependent on the magnetron actually being on so it would appear to be on (plate spinning, light on, fan running).

if you unplug it it should still run the timer and turn on the light, cooling fans, turntable platter.

It might sound different...but it should for most intents 'seem' to be working.

That said - depends on the microwave.  Some more modern ones might really detect that the magnetron is disconnected and just poo themselves.