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Can I do texture paint on a part of my drawing room wall myself ? If yes, how ? .... Thanks? Answered

At the entrance of my house, just before the drawing room, there are 3 small niches with hidden lights that could be used for small showpieces. I would like to use textured paint in this area to highlight the niches. Can I do it at home myself ? If yes, how ?


You can actually buy "texture" to add to any paint. My sister used it to do her bedroom so she wouldn't have to spend so much time sanding the drywall joints. The texturing hides small amounts of stuff you'd normally have to spackle and sand before painting. The texture stuff looks like sand to me, and my guess would be that you could add clean sand to paint if you were willing to try. Good luck!

Yes you can and it's referred to as "orange peel" in the business. The professional way is to make a milkshake consistency wall plaster (called... milkshake. We are a simple folk) put it into a hopper and use a spray gun to apply it to the wall. Just tape off wherever you don't want the orange peel and spray until it's lumpy enough for you. Another texture (what most people prefer) is to then take a putty knife and knock down the spray while it's still wet to get a flatter look but still have texture that's not drywall flat. Paint it whatever color you like and you've textured a wall, or part of it anyway. If you don't have a spray gun or are doing too small an area to justify the milkshake; most hardware stores do sell textured paints and I've even seen orange peel in a can, but can't tell you how well they work, never trying it myself. Maybe buy a can and try it on a piece of scrap to see if it meets your needs?

What kind of textured paint? what kind of pattern? what kind of niches? You can apply paint to ...anything! me saying 'be creative' isnt very helpful though - what do you hope to 'highlight"?