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Can I do this or will it explode? Answered

I've taken the motor out of an old vacuum cleaner and now I've got two wires coming from it (brown and blue) the live and nuetral. 

If I swap them around, will this make the motor spin in the opposite direction?

If this doesn't, what can I do to make it spin in the opposite direction.

Thanks in advance.



Best Answer 8 years ago

It won't rotate in the other direction, it won't explode, you'll not notice a difference.
Adapt your casing - I had to:


Wow, that's what mine looks like!

Nice fire blower, by the way.

I'm guessing you want blow instead of suck too?
The fans in these things only really work in one direction too.


Thats right, I want it to blow.

I thought that might be the case.  It's also a bit flimsy looking.  I got on to thinking maybe using a turbo intake compressor.  Somehow attach it to the electric motor (gears/cogs or sprockets and chain), but I don't know if the motor can manage it.  It's also a 1200watt from an old Electrolux.

You've got the same thing I had then, I looked at the vac' case and decided to do that with it. Put it in a box of sorts (securely though, they "kick" a bit on start-up) have it do the sucking, but have an exit for the blowing.


well instead of getting it to spin the other way why not just flip the blade.


8 years ago

If you swap the wires, it'll still spin in the same direction.  It has to do with how the motor is wound inside.  There's no way to change that without taking apart the motor and rewinding it - and you really don't want to do that.

unlikely. MOST ac motors will naturally rotate in only one direction, regardless of whether the hot and neutral are swapped in position. No, it should not make it blow up.