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Can I get a good PC setup for filmmaking? Answered

Hello, I'm a film maker and I am currently running Mac system which I can't get along with. I have Final Cut Express and Paint (creating 2D images for background, not animation) as my only film making tools. It's not enough so I decided I'm going to make a PC that would specialize in film making, and maybe feature one touch screen out of the two allowing me to do animation. Basically I want to know what programs I would need to get for serious film making. I'm thinking an editing system that would work well with special effects and maybe on for just cutting and moving clips (if the other program doesn't do that well) I also want a 2D animation system thats simple (don't go crazy) but I'm taking care of the 3D myself (suggestions will be considered) Any ideas?


I am a media production specialist, and have been where you are. I personally hate macs, but final cut is a decent program. Eventually I switched to PC. I use Adobe after effects for my special effects, adobe premiere and Vegas for semi-advanced editing, a not as well known program called Cyberlink PowerDirector for my quick editing that doesn't require advanced features, and Audacity for most of my audio editing. I have also heard some good things about Avid, although I have never used it personally.

Tip on buying the computer:
Although graphics cards are important, focus mostly on RAM, since you need that to preview your work. The more ram, the less time it takes during the edit (not even counting the render).

You might want to custom make your computer if you know how. If you have any questions, let me know, I'm always glad to help media people upgrade to PC. :)

Final Cut Express is not that much different from Final Cut Pro. I use Final Cut professionally, and when combined with generation tools like livetype and motion am yet to find anything it can't do, special effects included. You mentioned doing a short 2D animation, here is a short video I made a few years ago on a familiar subject. The effects (and look) are a bit dated now, but you get the general idea.

With that said, I'm a total PC person, but there isn't anything better than Final Cut (Avid included). If you're looking for cheap PC options, try Adobe Premiere (which is compatible with Photoshop just like Final Cut is). Honestly, they are all about the same anymore, so it's just about cost and/or ease of use. If you are trying to accomplish something specific, I'd be happy to help. Incidently, here is an FX test I did using an old version of Premiere.

AFAIK most Pro film makers either use custom systems or use Macs.

This is such a personal thing i really think you have to go and try some software and see what suites you -

I found Final cut to work fine for the minimal video work i do -

On PC I use the free MS movie maker.