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Can I lace a MTB disc hub to a road 700c rim? Answered

Hi there, I would like to run a disc break up front on a fixie and was wondering if I could run a MTB hub on road rim? Or would I better off looking to run a 29" MTB rim on the hub?

Does anyone know some tough 29"/700c rims? 

Any help would be much appreciated, Barry


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lizzyastro (author)2010-07-14

Agreed on the forks. Mavic rims are good and tough in both 29" and 700C, they even do a 700C rim for disc brakes


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paulcauchon (author)2010-07-13

I think you'd be fine lacing the hub up to the rim, assuming you have the proper spokes to do so. The problem you might run in to is that the front fork of a typical track bike lacks the mounting holes needed to attach the calipers and pads. Is there any particular reason you're going with the disk brake over a standard rim brake?

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