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Can I make USB memory stick from iPod 5th gen..? Answered

My comp is going to run out of memory, and the most of it is filled with large photos and video, about 40gb. my brother suggested to keep them on big usb flash cards, but they are quite expensive..
And I have dead iPod classic 60gb. Is there any way to make a kind of memory card and save all photos on it..?



6 years ago

5th gen iPods have this feature already, however it won't work if the iPod doesn't work. There used to be adapters for those drives, but I don't know if you'll find be able to find them anymore, and the hard drive is usually what went out on those old things anyhow.

As others have said, you need a second hard drive. Fortunately they're not too expensive(usually).

Get a new hard drive. They're cheap. Get two. Backups really help. It's not cheap to recover data.

You should buy a new HDD.
Logic: 40Gb is very small these days, you can pick them up very cheap, I've got 2 I'm not using. Therefore your drive is rather old. If it fails you could lose the lot, and you haven't got any copies / backups.


probably not if it is dead - unless you can somehow remove the hard drive - if there is one and use it externally.

An external hard drive i9sn't all that expensive to save you pictures on.

1Tb here is less than £100

AND you should be archiving them for security anyway or you will loose them eventually.

There are on line web storage facilities available - Google, Amazon etc.