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Can I make Win7 require a password after hibernation, but not from sleep? Answered

I'd like to make my netbook present the login screen on wakeup from hibernation, but not from sleep. All I can find is how to have both or none. Is this possible with Win7 or do I need some extra software?

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kieutu (author)2012-03-31

so you wanted window require password after leaving computer?, i recommended that you use screensaver option, when it start then you wanted to back to desktop you had to type administrator password. i think it's an easy way.
if you don't care about this way, you can contact me i will send you a software, i think, it good for your's proplem.

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bowmaster (author)2011-04-05

Yes, but you need to make it hacker/virus proof first. Back up all your files then go to Ubuntu.com and download the file then make a Live disc. Put it in your computer, then restart. When it boots up it'll look a little different, but just hit install. Follow the instructions then put your files back on your computer. Then go to the control panel and change the setting to present a login screen at hibernation but not sleep.

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frollard (author)2011-04-04

My computer does exactly that...windows 7 64 home premium on an asus laptop...
Using a passworded admin account...

I must try to figure out how I set it that way. Lid close = sleep, hit key = wake up no password.

Unplug power, lid close = hibernate, requires password.

My settings show however it DOES require a password so I don't know!

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