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Can I make a strong permanent magnet with steel bar by electrical method of magnetism. if possible please guide me? ? Answered

Does the wire gauge (20,24,28,30,34,36 wire gauge) make a difference is the strength of the magnet?
Does the voltage I supply to the coil effect the Electromagnet???
Shall i use 304 grade steel rectangular bar for this process ? if any other materiel please suggest me?


You can't make a STRONG permanent magnet with steel, even hard steel, you can make A magnet with it though,

1. you need SOFT IRON.

2. Your going to need a very strong electro magnet i.e. lots of turns.

3. Your not going to end up with a VERY strong magnet (depending on what you mean by strong) lets say not as strong as a commercial neodinium magnet

Note that these magnets are not just steel. HOWEVER you can make steel magnetic, just not as strong.

I need to prepare bar magnet of size 40X50X100MM home made strong permanent magnet. will u please guide me.


1 year ago

A soft iron bolt works much Better.. Wind magnet wire on the the round bobbin.


You can experiment which bolt makes the strongest magnet, in fact if you make two bobbins you can experiment single, double, series or parallel wiring.. Be aware some kinds of steel are non-magnetic.

The voltage, wire_gauge, number of turns, length and diameter all make a difference in magnet strength..


Be sure to click on the pics to view the whole images

Round Bobbin.jpgcoil3.pngvectors.bmpampereTurns.png

I need to prepare bar magnet of size 40X50X100MM strong permanent magnet. will u please guide me.

304 isn't magnetisable.

Google "DIY Electromagnet"