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Can I participate in an Instructables contest even if i'm not from the region where the contest is applied? Answered

I want to enter a contest here on Instructables but the regions where it is applied don't include where I live... Can I still enter or that is considered cheating?

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KitemanBest Answer (author)2011-11-13

Yes, you can enter.

The site only [officially] knows where you live if you win something, and then tell them your address for mailing the prize.

If you don't live in an "allowed" region, you can always give them the address of a friend in an "allowed" region, who can then post it on to you, or there are online services who will provide an appropriate address for you, and forward the items for a cost.

There is also the possibility that your region will become "allowed" during the period of the contest, which means that you could win the prize legitimately.

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iceng (author)2011-11-12

As far as I know you can enter but will not be given a prize.

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