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Can I power a 5v LED Strip with a USB cable? Answered

I have an old USB cable from a phone charger and a 1,50 m long 5v LED strip. I've been doing some research and I figured out that the USB cable contains 4 little cables inside: 2 for data exchange and 2 for power.  What I want to achieve is a nice and soft backlight for my TV and I don't want to waste one socket of the power supply just for that. Connecting those 2 power cables to the LED strip and plugging the USB in the TV USB port would be enough to light the strip up? If not, is it possible to achieve this with those two things? As you may have already noticed, I have 0 knowlegde and absolutely none experience about this kind of things. Thanks in advance.


Backlight for a TV? That should consume way too much power...

Try something else, Definitely if you have no experience

If it's a 5V LED strip, You should power it with a 5V Power supply.

Just make sure to choose a 5V power supply that can provide enough current (Amps)

Hmmm. Well using USB as a source of power for something that isn't exactly a usb device isn't uncommon. i got several projects that use power from a USB-port. Like a miniature Tube-clock.

HOWEVER. What is important to know is that a USB port has a limited amount of power. The average USB-port on a computer (or TV in this case) can only supply 500milliAmps of power (can be less tough!).

What you will need to know is how much current will that Led-strip draw?? This kind of data can normally be found wherever you got the strip from. Look it up on the internet and try to find something like a description or a datasheet with the current required.

Should warn tough: altough it is possible to use the USB-Port on the TV (assuming that the strip uses less then 500mA) it is probably better to use a USB-Charger. USB-chargers that you plug into the wall are designed purely to give power and can often handle bigger loads (i got a couple that give 1000-1500mA) and wont cause to much trouble if you accidentially overload it!