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Can I power a monitor from 5 volts? Answered

even if I have to open it up can I run this on 5v using a buck converter or by modding the screen? The screen is a RCA DRC69702 that came with a dvd player and all I want to is power it freom a two port battery. one port will be hooked up to the monitor and one to the raspberry pi.


i know this is an old thread but I was able to convert the DRC69702 to 5v. See picture to see how. You will need to disconnect the 7vcc lead going to the display controller board then connect 5v after the 5v regulator. I connected the 5v source directly to the regulator output.


That's a neat unit. The leds along take ~170mA though.

ok I think it will work if I plug it into a 5v 1a battery pack with two ports one for the screen and one for the pi

Have you found a power consumption figure then ? I couldn't see one in the datasheets only "TBA"

I couldn't see that 1-2A in the data. If you've found it, go for it.

I couldn't see that 1-2A in the data. If you've found it, go for it.

actually was just guessing the amperage didn't see it on the sheet either

9.Output: 5V=2A,9V=1.5A,12V=1A

So, no. You can't get enough ENERGY from the source.

but the label had said that it would run on 9-12v at 1a with 2.5a max. I honestly just want a screen to run on five volts for my pi. I also want it to be 7" diagonal


I must agree with Steve 9 to 12 volts 1 amp up from 5 volts depending on the efficiency of the supply 3 to 5 amps is a lot more than a USB and a lot of computer power supplies are made for.

Even 1 amp 12 volt AC to DC adapters are hard to get but if you can get one it is your best bet to power your screen.

You could use a slow charge charger from your USB to a built in rechargeable battery then run the screen from the battery however you would need a auto shutdown for when the battery is low.

I looked up the display's manual it takes to much power for 1 of the 5 to 12 volt step up power modules three can handle it unfortunately most computers USB outputs can't. The module is 5 watt 2 amp peak current output it will only take that for a moment, the screen is 12 watts.

hmm what if it is a two port battery one for the pi one for the screen

Are you using a power pack or a computer to power it?

If your computer can handle the load and you are using that module you need 4 ports. 3 for the 3 modules in parallel needed to power the screen and one for the pi.

I may just go "screen hunting" to find the right one with high resolution

I am going to use a power pack for the pi and the adapters off of a hub so I could possibly run it

5V is enough to power 2 LEDs in series. I'd be shocked if you found a screen that was useable @ 5V. You're also going to be limited by current, monitors draw a fair bit. Is it a Li-ion?