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Can I print my own photo-slides? Answered

I just bought a slide projector at a trift shop. Is there any possible way to make my own slides? Could I just print them from my computer on transparent paper? Or do I need more professional gear? Thanx


pricey if you're doing hundreds but for a party a few slides from  http://www.digitalslides.co.uk/ will look great. I've used them several times and they provide a friendly and excellent service. For party effects eg logos etc I avoid using too many colours and put my artwork on a black background. 
Also I avoid squares - they're boring and TV screens are everywhere. Make you artwork  and put a round or wobbly matte over it!

Thanx for the answers, I tried it with heat resistant transparency paper and it looks quite nice. The images look a little bit rough but even text is readable. Thanx again for the advise.

.  Depends on what your expectations are. If you want slide quality resolution and color, probably not. For let's-see-if-I-can-do-it, proof-of-concept, you can get transparent film for overhead projectors that will work with printers.

+1. Remember how much magnification you get between slide and screen. Even the tiniest injet dot is much larger than a grain on a photographic negative, and that lower resolution will be visible when projected. The color range and precision of printed images is also lower than film.

Can't hurt to try it... but I don't think you're going to be happy with the results.

I believe the professional solution for going from computer to slides is still via slide film.

A friend of mine is trying this for a Halloween effect, but using a color laser printer instead of inklet. I'm very interested in seeing how it looks. And also if the transparencies can withstand the temperature inside the projector.

.  Oh my. It didn't occur to me that a slide projector will be much hotter than an overhead projector.
.  I'm guessing the laser color will be too opaque to work very well. But that's just my guess - let us know how it turns out.