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Can I process applesauce after the jars have been cooled or do I have to start over? Answered

I made some applesauce (slow cooker until soft - strained then boiled) and simply put it in sterilized jars - now I do the research (I know wrong order) and find out about botulism. The apples are crab apples from my yard.


It's really better to start with everything sterile and process from that point, so nothing has a chance to start growing. My solution so far has been to go the other direction: freeze the jams rather than dealing with processing/sealing them. May have to reconsider if I start running out of freezer space, but since I'm just doing fruit from my own (suburban) property I've been using it almost as fast as I've been cooking it.

Lol, my freezer is never big enough for my frozen pantry. I'm always on the lookout for things I can re-apportion and freeze, meats, veggies, fruits, sauces, but until I get a deep freezer, I'm stuck with my side-by side. And the packing containers are rarely good for efficient packing. I'm in agreement though. I like to freeze spoilable food for long-term storage whenever possible. Just make sure to get as much of the air out of the bags/containers as possible.

You should add hot sauce to sterile jars, then lid them (hot). However, you could put the jars in a pan with water and re-heat them (lidded) to sterilise. L

AFAIK , Clostridium Botulinum hates acid conditions. Its preserves based on oil that can potentially be problematic. Hot jars etc helps the sealing process, by creating a partial vacuum in them when the lids are tightened.