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Can I put an ipod in an iphone case? Answered

Hello, I could not find a cheap case for an ipod touch that has a solar panel and a battery in it, so I want to put my ipod in an iphone case. I have a ipod touch 4g, and I am hoping that I can just use some sugru to fill in the extra space. Does this seem like it will work well with the case in the link?   



Best Answer 5 years ago

I wouldn't try the Sugru (bear in mind others' comments about buttons lining up).

Yes, but it will rattle in every direction.

The sugru is to prevent rattle. Will it work?

The main problem is that iphone and ipod have different heights (115.2 mm and 111.0 mm respectively) so there always will be some extra space either on top ( difficult to press power button) or at the bottom (no solid connection with connector).

Don't forget the iPod Touch is thinner then the iPhone.