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Can I record Grooveshark mp3 music? Answered

If any of you guys uses grooveshark to listen to music online, I was just wondering if I can record Grooveshark mp3 music and save it to my pc's hard disk. I suppose I need some piece of software for this, but what exactly should I look for?

Could really use your  ideas on how to record or save grooveshark music.



Best Answer 7 years ago

For win pcs, you can use Audials Tunebite to solve the problem I guess.

Can be used as well as an streaming audio recorder to record music from the internet, so can record, download and save Grooveshark mp3 music for you.

It's fairly easy to install plus can record and convert grooveshark mp3 songs fast, in the end you get individual mp3 songs in good quality.

Just remember that, if you decide to download and save mp3 music from grooveshark to your hard disk it's not ok to share that music, just keep it for yourself.

Hmm really, this one also works to download grooveshark mp3 music? Thanks, I am going to take a closer look at it as well.

And of course I don't want to save mp3 music from grooveshark just to share it everywhere, just a couple of songs for me.

Streaming recorder is the best one I have tried. It supports both Mac and Windows computer. With it you can Convert Grooveshark to mp3 with just 1 click for free!

Agree with it. Music on Grooveshark are encoded, so the suitable way to save it is by recording. Actually, the audio recorders have the ability to record any sound from computer and even Mic. The Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder just records HQ music, you can check the how-to use guide.


7 years ago

As Re-design says Audacity is tops but if you just want a no-frills recorder, sound recorder great.
Free downloads are available HERE.


Hmm, I guess I don't mind no frills as long as it's easy to use.

Say, I tried that sound recorder to see how it goes to record and save grooveshark music with it, but dunno I might be too stupid to use it.:))

Tried a couple of setting round there and set it to record Grooveshark songs but all I get is files with no sound, wonder what I didn't do right.
Not to mention I got some busy errors or something like this a couple of times.

Did you manage to get it to record Grooveshark music right?

i am having the same problem too as i wanna get music on my ipod. But for these recorders to record these songs; wouldn't that take quite a while for you to play all of the music while it records.

It seems you need good software to record music from Grooveshark.
I used streaming audio recorder to do this work. It is easy and effective. I also use it to capture streaming music from YouTube. It works well for me and I get many songs in this way.
Just try yourself.


6 years ago

You may try this, it's an ideal recorder from internet for me.

tanks for piquing my interest again. i do ubuntu linux and have been trying for years to accomplish this feat. it works and it works well. won't have to hang out at the torrent sites now.

Audacity will do this. It's free and easy to use.

Just remember that recording music like this is a copyright infringement.

Really? Than I have to take a closer look at this one as well.

Let's say then I just want to see how it's possible to record or download mp3 music from grooveshark for educational purposes.

This also draw my attention when I was checking out that grooveshark downloader jbrac suggested:

"You as a user have a right of a private copy. That means you can make a copy for yourself if the source is legal. Since Grooveshark offers legal streams, you are allowed to create a copy just for yourself ( You are not allowed to sell, share, publish that copy somewhere it is only for private use)."

I saw that also, but I think it's a stretch of the law and wouldn't hold up in court. But recording a few songs for you own use shouldn't get you into trouble.

no one will no that you are recording audio thru your inputs... thats a fair use case right there. doesnt matter if the stream is legal or not. The stream is not our responsibility for being legal. we the end users, are not allowed to reproduce said material for a profit or whatever, BUT there is no law that says you cannot so much as record whatever audio is coming out of your speakers... there is no way anyone could put such a legal limitation on our devices. so be free my recording friends. :D

It doesn't matter what method you use to record copyrighted material it is still illegal, except for the allowed uses in the law.

The owner may not be able to find out about the recording, of if they do they may decide not to pursue it, but that doesn't change the fact that you are recording copyrighted material illegally.

umm that was supposed to be "know" up there. not "no. hehe... >_>

I thought so too, of course I'm not that stupid nor do I have any interest to download grooveshark mp3 music just to go on the internet and share it everywhere I can.

Couple of songs for my own enjoyment should do it.

your best bet is to use a program called VideoCacheView. Not only will you be able to save any video streamed to your temporary files, but also music with grooveshark, or pandora. any megavideo or videobb files save to the Local User's temporary folder in a xxxxxx.tmp format. you can set up this program to use any and all browser cache folders and the windows Temp Folder.That way you wont miss 1 single thing you streamed. KEEP IN MIND that megavideo and the like DO NOT SAVE the file when you close the tab or window, so make sure to save your copy of the video BEFORE closing it... best best is to click on the red play button, and wait for it to turn green. but DONT CLICK IT when it turns green. Clicking the green play arrow starts the minutes played timer. by simply letting is stay green, you are allowing it to pre-buffer to the hard drive, and not use up any of the time limit. you can keep doing this on any video or FLV files you want with this VideoCacheView program.

how to download videos and FLV.jpg

grooveshark does not use FLV formats. they require 44,100 Hz MP3 Audio when you attempt to upload any music. which means thats exactly whats playing in the player. the flash player content is for media player only. there is no FLV.

i know an all-inclusive method, streaming Music recorder helps you record music with great ease. Do not believe it? Just get move on and find more features about. You must have some favor with it besides you record grooveshark music

check out


it can record any music from any site to your hard disk

im using it, hope it will help you too

Nope, unfortunately I don't have a mac so definitely need some app for recording or downloading mp3 music from grooveshark that's able to work on windows pcs.

Thanks for the help though.

Download helper seems to do it

Download helper, that mozilla add-on? But I thought that one's only for downloading web videos, pretty strange it also works to record Grooveshark mp3 music.

Waddyaknow, not in a million years would I have thought to try to use this one to record Grooveshark mp3s or any other streaming audio. Will give it a go, good tip.

Hmm, strange tried to install this one but i got some sorta error and didn't install at all.
Suppose I can try again later and see if I have better luck to get it to install and download grooveshark music for me.