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Can I record Netflix streaming videos? Answered

I'm sort of a noob with this sorta things so pls bear with me.
To cut the story short, I was just curious at least hypothetically, if it would be possible to record Netflix streaming videos and movies for later playback or whatever, what can one  use?
Some sorta software or what?

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terryderryBest Answer (author)2011-03-21

What about the program from round here, Audials One I think  it's called?

Easily found on google if you search for how to record Netflix or something like that. Seems that this Audials One program also works as a Netfix Downloader that can record Netflix streaming videos.

Dunno how good it is, but who knows it might just do the trick for you.

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benlikesblue (author)terryderry2011-03-22

Well, seems to me that this Audials One does work to record netflix streaming videos, just found round their website also some guide on how to use the Netflix Downloader.

Since I don't really feel like trying all sorts of programs that might work or not to record netflix streams and mess up my pc this one's my best change of getting this thing sorted out.

Seems actually pretty simple to use so I suppose we have a winner.

Thanks for the help guys, it was very helpful to get to the bottom of this.

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mikelike (author)2011-03-15

I suppose it wouldn't hurt if u take a look at some screen recorder program or something like that.

I mean it seems to me common sense that a screen recorder program records everything that is being played on the screen of your computer and thus should be able to record netflix streaming videos or whatever while they play.

Just a though though, dunno if that would actually work.

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tophat1 (author)mikelike2012-11-10

Hi my name is gregory, my e mail is gregory.worth5@gmail.com
i have problem down loading movies from net flix part of it deals with Silver light .My pc protected copy gard law,got intouch with micro soft
gave information to my e mail because Silver light is incorrect fair share act.Gave net flix last resort. They told me to find an error code
ithink i have i gave micro soft what service i use,and make of my pc
They know who i am. What no one has told me there is a task master.
Frome this they know soft wear i use there is an on line down loader
that is in the task master butN/A phony i feel.i may useF.B.I.,and get to the bottom. I feel you do not need soft wear,only a player
as a real player,and you have it real net work mouth closed

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jeanphyl (author)2011-03-16

Well, if you just need some screen recorder thingy to let u record Netflix streaming videos what are you waiting for?

Google's your best friend, if ya haven't heard this yet. U can start here, for example:


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benlikesblue (author)jeanphyl2011-03-17

Oh well thank you for that google search suggestion, I was rather hoping not to have to go through all sorts of apps in the hope one can actually live up to the job and record Netflix streaming videos or movies or something like that.

I suppose I can follow up the screen recorder suggestion and see where it gets me.Thanks for the help so far.

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ericaevs (author)benlikesblue2011-03-18

I so doubt it it's that simple and you can easily find some screen recorder program to record netflix movies streamed online.

Pretty sure since they switched to microsoft's silverlight based streaming player all the solutions round the web used to record streaming movies from netflix must have been rendered useless.
This just seems such a time waste to me.

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yokozuna (author)2011-03-11

There are some instructions here. I'm sure you know, but also worth pointing out that it's not legal to do so.

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benlikesblue (author)yokozuna2011-03-14

Well not really thinking about doing anything illegal of course; guess I was mostly rather curious on whether it'd be possible to record netflix movies or not.

Anyways, that piece of software mentioned in the e-how link u gave me seems not to be working if I am to take into account the comments there...
Suppose it's pointless to try it.

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Well d'ohh, to be honest that didn't cross my mind though to be hones I don't think I still have something like this anywhere, might have give it away.

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