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Can I remove vinyl tile adhesive from concrete by some sort of power sander machine? Answered

I see that people recommend using different kinds of solvent (and lots of elbow grease) to get the adhesive residue off, but I have an area that is north of 500 sq. feet.  Tile is off and we'd like to stain the concrete.  Thanks for any suggestions.


Are you able to remove the adhesive with a putty knife? If so, maybe check out an electric floor scraper. Eddy Floor Scrapers are ones I've seen before ( https://www.eddyfloor.com/products/ ). They have a sharpened blade that vibrates and cuts through whatever. Depending on the stain or look you are going for, you may need to grind the floor. There are electric floor grinders ( https://www.winnrentals.com/app/uploads/electric-floor-grinder-single-1.jpg ) or maybe even a bump grinder ( https://www.winnrentals.com/app/uploads/floor-bump-grinder-1.jpg ) both of them use diamond impregnated discs / teeth Hopefully this helps or gives you some ideas

At work we recently had a lot of renovations done, including double layered tiles that used a silicone based grout and adhesive.
As nothing really sticks properly to silicone it all had to be removed to the bare concrete.
The builders first used a machine like a snowplow in miniature design with a sharp blade on the front to remove most of th glue - it would otherwise constantly clog the sanding machines they claimed.
Instead of using floor polishing or sanding machines they used a concrete leveling machine to finnish off.
They are like the ones councils use on footpaths where tree roots made the concrete go up.
No sandpaper is used but carbide "drills" that rotate on a plate.
Good thing is they can be set to just take a mm off on the flat while removing all bumps and uneven spots that are higher.
You should be able to hire similar at a rental shop for tradies.

I would use a floor polisher and polishing compound.

With the right grit, a power sander would strip the adhesive right into the concrete but it will be dusty as all getout.

So wet sanding would be better then dry sanding just with wet sanding you need a wet sander.


Solvent has a nasty habit of driving adhesive into the concrete's latent porosity.