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Can I show you a water pump rocket with my experience.? Answered

These are three commercial water pump rockets... They are single stage, two stage, parachute and a rare ball second stage... The major difference between your excellent class is the number of fins which are only two and the spin flaps which cause stabilizing spin and increase drag to limit height to under 600 feet altitude on the dual stage...

Pumping the two stage release up-side-down pressurizes both stages and and separates when raised to launch position now you can pump the first stage a little more because a drop pen seals and expands the interlock... There are water level markers that provide, most useful level reaction mass...

Did try to add flex film to the white-red parachute rocket.. which never liked to rise straight up.. The center of pressure was too close to the center of gravity...

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-04-03

These are very cool rockets!

The taped fins to add spin, and the multiple-stages are excellent techniques to explore after this introductory class (check out the "what's next" section below to see more). I've found there is a lot of experimentation with rockets to get the best results, luckily shooting off rockets never gets boring! :)

Thanks for sharing.

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