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Can I spice hdmi cabes together to run 2 devises throught 1 monitor? Answered

Hi, I have both my xbox and raspbeerry pi runnning through the same monitor. I am sick of swapping cables everytime I want to change devise. Anyway can I connect another HDMI cabe to build a Y lead so that I can connect both devises to a monitor (only 1 devise will be powerd on at a time). Will this be likley to damage either devise?


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Jayefuu (author)2013-03-20

No I think that allows you to use two outputs on one input, ie multiple screens.

What you need/want is an HDMI switch. You can get a 2 input 1 output switch with an IR remote for $15-40. Google "HDMI 2 input switch" or "HDMI 2 input switch with remote" to find one in your area.


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frollard (author)Jayefuu2013-03-20


HDMI is not 'y' compatible in spec. The devices won't even work with HDCP encrpytion because both devices have to share the data lines and each has a unique id = each has a unique decryption key.

Need a proper hdmi splitter to split, and a proper switchbox to select individual inputs.

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